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I am a lady chef in Japan.  I love pets.  I want them to eat healthy and live long lives.  I have created nice, long-lasting dog chews made out of quality fishes carefully cooked in an old-fashioned wood fire oven.  Made without preservatives or additives. These are also lightly smoked with cherry wood & oak.  It has wonderful aroma.  The product is full of Omega 3 fats.  High protein, low fat.  Grain-free & Gluten-free.  High in Taurine.  Only one ingredient, Bonito fish (Skipjack.)   Your pets will love my human-food grade healthy chews.   Totally Natural..!                                                   

CEO Founder

AsakoSasaki Inc.

Chef Asako

Fish 100% Dog chews

Produced by a real

Japanese health food chef


Watch videos to see how dogs love fish.

Dog Chew Videos

Chef Asako's dried seafood dog chews are human food grade pet treats.


Quality seafood carefully prepped and steamed. Roasted with cherry wood and oak wood fire.  

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